Why spend hours waiting in endless queues...

...when one app can get you served promptly on your arrival at 100's* of busy locations and brands nationwide.

* Available at participating clinics, government offices, banks, and more.

One account, many places

Access 100's of different brands, locations and services on your phone, 24/7

It's about your needs

You choose service times that suit you and you get served instantly on arrival - no stress, no wait.

Personalized Service - always

Get introduced to whomever is serving you upfront... nice to be on first name basis, right?

What can joinaQ™ do for you?

joinaQ™ gets you prompt service at banks, clinics and other places that have queues without you having to stand in line.

All the awesome brands at your fingertips!

Join queues on your phone for services at banks, clinics, government offices, schools and virtually anywhere you would normally need to stand in line while you carry on with the important things in your day.

joinaQ™ works with you, where YOU are.

Access your joinaQ™ profile via the app, on Facebook, on websites displaying the symbol, or joinaQ™ buttons, in your emails, on the joinaQ™ website, or even the old-style kiosks you are used to seeing at different facilities!

Easy step by step guides all the way

joinaQ™ will hold a spot in the queue for you until you arrive then guide you step by step, including introductions, to give you the best customer experience every single time.

You get to have your say...

Every time you get served you can rate the customer experience which helps joinaQ™ improve your next experience and that of other users.

Ready to kiss queues goodbye?

If you've ever wasted half a day (or more) queuing to get your tax affairs in order, or sat in line at a clinic while sick, or generally hate waiting... joinaQ™ is for you.

joinaQ™ is your passport to amazing customer experience.

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...because waiting sucks.